The first one

What on earth is this chap going to blog about you may ask? Well apart from sharing my thoughts and techniques on all things design, I’m also a huge geek (especially with gadgets), a fitness fanatic and a dedicated family man. So I’ve set up this blog to give me an opportunity to share my wisdom on all these wonderful things that make up my life. 2.0

Well after a few months of tinkering, putting it off, a little bit more tinkering and then putting it off again, my brand new rebranded and redesigned website is finally online!

Asides from updating the site with a clean, modern look, the main purpose for the redesign was to avoid mobilegeddon by making my website mobile friendly.

After plenty of research into responsive design, mock-ups and working with a fantastic developer, 2.0 is now complete.

Please feel free to feedback on the design by commenting below and don’t forget to be social!


Thank you for stopping by!

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