Eight weeks with the Apple Watch

So today marks a special day as I’ve now had my Apple Watch Sport 42mm for eight weeks. So I thought this was a good time for me to share a few thoughts of my experience with my new piece of tech.

Using it

Without a question of doubt, to me, the main purpose of the Apple Watch is for tracking fitness, which it does really well and was the primary reason why I wanted one.


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I’ve found the notifications quite useful and I’ve admittedly started looking at my phone less. But I’ve found myself rarely using some of the other main features. Only on the odd occasion do I go all Dick Tracey and answer a phone call on my watch, but that’s mainly when I’m in the privacy of my home or I’m too lazy to fetch my phone.

I’ve only used Apple Pay twice since it launched in the UK on the 14 July and I have to admit, I think it’s really useful. It’s so quick and convenient to pay for small items, just two clicks of the side button, hold over the contactless reader, done! I definitely see myself using this a lot.


Screen shot of Apple Pay on the Apple Watch


Don’t forget, this is first and foremost a watch, and a very good one. I love the fact that I can glance to see information like the current temperature or how I’m progressing on my daily activity. I especially like that you can customise the watch face to suit different occasions such as Modular watch face for work or a classy one such as the Simple watch face for when I’m out for an evening meal.


Simple watch face on the Apple Watch


Battery life

One of the most pleasant surprises for me was the battery life. A short time before the Apple Watch was launched it was announced that the battery would only last up to 18 hours-a-day. This along with many other bloggers, got me worried that the Apple Watch wouldn’t make it through a full day. But to everyone’s surprise, the battery life holds up really well.

On an average day I wear my Apple Watch for around 15 hours, and within that time I track two 30 minute dog walks and a 45 minute gym/cardio workout. At the end of the day I rarely see my battery has dropped below 40%.


Apple Watch charging screen



At this present moment in time, I haven’t found a ‘killer app’.

As mentioned, the apps I use most regular are the fitness tracking apps such as Apples built-in Activity and Workout apps and Endomondo.

A few apps I recommend are Dark Sky and Power. Dark Sky is a weather app that gives eerily accurate hourly rain forecasts which is handy for when I want to take the dog for a walk or go on a run. Power is a simple app that enables you to check to battery life of your phone, if say for example, your phone has become the DJ at a party and you need to check your phone battery is going to last to keep the party going (you’ve probably gathered that this was based on true events).


Power app on the Apple Watch


So should you get one?

Friends and family often ask me this question and I always find myself pulling a questionable face. It is an impressive piece of kit but unless you are really into tracking your fitness or receive it as a gift like I did, I can’t really justify a reason for someone to fork out £299 on one.

At the end of the day, it falls down to two questions…

Do I need an Apple Watch? Nope.

Now that I have one, can I imagine life without it? Nope (damn you Apple!)


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